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About Mandomartis Company

The story behind the VAC technology used


About Mandomartis Company

Mandomartis Company was founded in 1999 by Anibal Wainstein. He founded one of the first European Java Applet companies, Demicron Software Company in 1996. Demicron was one of the leading Java applet companies with successful products such as Applet FX and MenuMaster. Applet FX is one of the most downloaded Java products ever. It consisted of the Visual Applet Configurator and 60 Java applets. Anibal left Demicron in 1999 to found Mandomartis, and at the same time, Mandomartis acquired the development rights for Visual Applet Configurator (VAC), which is the technology the legacy version of the effect maker consisted of. Today, Effect Maker has been completely remade from scratch and it has emerged into a new software which is integrated in Sharepoint, Wordpress or standalone in the form of a Windows or Mac application.

These experiences have converged at this site, where all our knowledge has been used to make this work. It's a synergy of three strong areas that Mandomartis is expert on: special effects development, advanced client-server development and GUI development.

With the partnership with Anfy Team on the Anfy Flash site and with the mentorship of it's legendary CEO, Fabio Ciucci, Effect Maker was able to grow into a more refined service.

The Mandomartis Company consist today by the following key persons:

Tito Lukic is Mandomartis' SEO advisor

Daniel Englund is technical specialist for Mandomartis.

Georgina Garrido Piñas is graphics and web designer for the Effect Maker project

Stefan Csillag (Ph.D) is director of the Board.

Anibal Wainstein is a JavaScript, Java, JSP and Flash developer and Chief Executive Officer for Mandomartis.

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