Effect Maker Pro Edition - Purchase The Wordpress Plugin

The Effect Maker Pro Edition integrates into your wordpress web site and will let you create an unlimited number of effects. We strongly recommend that you download the Basic Edition first and test it out.

You install this plugin by going to your administration interface in your Wordpress site, go to the plugin management, upload it and activating it there.


lake applet Get FULL access to customizable JavaScript effects such as scrollers, slideshows, messengers and much more!

create flash text online Create your first effect in just 5 minutes.

create free flash buttons Put the unlimited number of effects that you create on your wordpress posts.

create free flash buttons Free e-mail support.

Software requirements :

create flash text online Wordpress versions 3.0 to 4.1

create flash text online Compatible web browsers: Internet Explorer 9.0-11, Chrome, Firefox or Safari


Effect Maker Pro Edition for Wordpress Version 1.2, €39 EUR (Download)

Get FULL access to 20 JavaScript effects! Look at them in our gallery.

Purchase Effect Maker Pro Edition for Wordpress(€39 EUR) :
(Pay with Paypal, world's largest payment system. Note that additional taxes may apply depending on your location.)


Mandomartis has a 30 days refund policy!


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