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Advanced Effect Maker - User Guide Index (Legacy)

Note that this guide only applies to the old Advanced Effect Maker product (versions 2.0 and 2.5 Beta).

Make sure to read the tutorials to get started with making applets.

flash web counters User Guide Index

how to create make a flash presentation Tutorial - Making an applet with VerticalScroller

web animation effects Tutorial - Making an applet with ImageFader (commercial accounts only)

flash animation web sites The File Handler

javascript rollovers Selecting Applets

web graphics The Configuration Dialog

scrolling text applet What to do with the downloaded file

applet slide show The Flash Applet Size Parameters

javascript forms Entering Text Or Files

create flash animation Working with fonts

how to create flash movies Working With Text Fields

flash web graphics Working With Text Grids

animated gifs free Working With Tree Fields

create your own flash URL Links and Frame Targets

book flip applets Working With File Fields And File Lists

flash web site design solutions Working With Time Delays and Pauses

button applets Working With Color Buttons

online photo albums Working With Color Lists

create free flash buttons Working with Check Boxes

 vertical menu javascript free Compression Ratios for images

scrolling image applet Combining Flash applet effects


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