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The story behind the VAC technology used


The story behind the VAC technology used

The "VAC" was the nickname that Demicron put on it's Java applet configuration software, Visual Applet Configurator. Demicron was founded in 1996 by three physics students from the University of Stockholm, Sweden. Demicron started by developing fully customizable Java applets. These applets were configured with HTML parameters. Demicron immediately saw the need for an applet configurator which would simplify the work of the applet users and to take care of the configuration of applets "visually". Anibal Wainstein started the development of the VAC in 1996, assisted by Johan Åkesson. The VAC was not the first applet configurator, an australian company had developed a similar product for their applets. However, it was not nearly so sofisticated as the VAC.

It was very important that the new applet configuration dialogs could be created without having to program them from scratch and to recompile the whole software. Demicron was releasing applets at a very high rate and having to make a new dialog specific for each applet was not realistic. The VACScript language was introduced which could be used to create new configuration dialogs for each applet very quickly. This also had the side effect that the VAC could be used by other applet developers to configure their applets, which was very good since it was free and can be used on any range of sites, from a personal blog to online casino. Visual components such as color buttons, trees and file dialogs were created, so that VAC would support virtually any kind of effect and parameter type.

 java applet vertical menu

The Visual Applet Configurator (VAC) with an applet from Applet FX in action.

In 2014, the "VAC" contained in the Effect Maker was completely redone from scratch to only support JavaScript effects and to be able to become fully integrated into modern CMS systems like Wordpress and Sharepoint, but the features in the old Effect Maker has been mimicked in order to maintain the same level of user friendliness that the old popular software had.

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